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Powerful SMM with social media accounts

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If you’ve been looking for the best account store then stop! Our site contains thousands of social media accounts, games, message boards, sweat services, dating sites – we have everything you need. We cooperate with customers who want to buy accounts , and with suppliers who want to sell new, old, promoted and other types of profiles. On this page you will find detailed information that will help you choose accounts for any tasks, work correctly with multi-accounting, use promotion automation systems, and make money by selling profiles. Our store of cheap accountsIs a place where you can conclude profitable deals and receive unique information. We have prepared very interesting information for you and are going to cover the following topics in detail:

  1. Why buy ready-made accounts?
  2. Types and main features of ready-made accounts
  3. Age and type of page activation
  4. Method of registration and obtaining ready-made profiles
  5. Other account characteristics
  6. Multi-accounting technology: characteristics, areas of use, features of work
  7. Earnings on accounts from a computer, smartphone, tablet
  8. What accounts are profitable to promote and create for further resale?
  9. What accounts can I buy?
  10. Buying social media accounts
  11. Accounts of dating sites, forums, questionnaires, blogs and reviewers
  12. Free classifieds boards
  13. Game accounts
  14. Postal services
  15. How to buy an account? Information for clients
  16. How to sell an account? Information for suppliers
  17. What determines the price of accounts?
  18. Delivery and payment terms
  19. Warranties and privacy policy
  20. Benefits of online store accounts
  21. Profitable deals in the account store

Why buy ready-made accounts?

When placing an order in a verified account store , you are guaranteed to receive work profiles with and without history, which depends on the requirements and purpose. Buying accounts is a significant time savings, because you don’t have to:

  • create a huge number of email addresses, search for phone numbers and new devices required to register accounts on social networks, dating sites or message boards. Multiple registrations from one IP address and devices are immediately punished by a ban, so do not forget about the benefits of proxies, which will be needed for further work;
  • observe the time intervals necessary for tracking profiles on social networks;
  • independently pump characters or tanks, gain experience, which is important for online games;
  • independently control the process of filling or pumping an account.

The database contains a huge number of accounts with different registration periods, gender (male / female), and other characteristics. The cost of accounts in the online store is affordable, and very solid discounts are provided for wholesale customers. With their help, you can:

  • organize effective marketing campaigns within SMM;
  • maintain anonymity on the Internet;
  • go through quick authorization using mail or a profile on social networks;
  • get access to mobile, client and browser games, without wasting time for pumping;
  • promote any type of business on social networks, as well as on other platforms;
  • carry out work aimed at strengthening the company’s image;
  • work with any kind of advertising, which is especially important for freelancers;
  • promote groups on social networks;
  • attract new customers, collect contact databases;
  • engage in email marketing: advertising mailings, spam, information materials and others;
  • solve strategic tasks in the field of e-commerce, gambling, bookmaking, domain names, programming, real estate and other types of business;
  • form whole armies of bots for cheating, likes, reposts, comments, subscriptions, etc.

This is just a small part of the tasks that can be solved by purchasing accounts. For example, the store has accounts “Warface”, CS GO, “Epic Games” which will interest users who want to immediately get involved in an active gameplay without wasting time on pumping. The catalog is constantly expanding, so we always have hot offers!

Types and main features of ready-made accounts

In our store of accounts “Fortnite”, “Stars”, Warface , VK, Instagram you can find profiles that meet all your requirements. The database contains millions of accounts created in compliance with all relevant technologies and rules. The price of each specific account, as well as its working potential, directly depends on the characteristics listed below.

Age and type of activation

Conventionally, all accounts can be divided into 3 large groups, falling into each of which depends on age:

  • svezheregi (novoregi). You can buy an account that was created a couple of days ago. It may be filled, but no targeted actions were taken from such a profile. Social networks, questionnaires and other sites do not trust such profiles, so the risk of being frozen or blocked is simply huge;
  • with resting (aged). Such accounts may not have a history, but after registration, no action is taken from them for 2-3 weeks. A variety of social and email services are more loyal to such accounts than to the new regions. As a result of excessive activity and non-compliance with the limits, such an account can also be banned quite quickly;
  • with history. The safest group, because targeted actions were performed from the account, the profile can be completed, friends and subscriptions can also be available. Looks natural, gets a high level of trust from the resources with which it interacts.

Accounts can be active or inactive. In the first case, they are linked to a phone number or email (depending on the date of creation), in the second case, there is no link. In our account store “Tanks Online” , “Minecraft”, “Fortnite”, “Facebook” you can buy accounts of different ages!

Registration / receipt method

Profiles can be registered either manually or automatically. Manual registration is performed by one or several users, automatic registration – by special programs.

Other characteristics

Of course, the age and type of account is important, but when choosing an account, you need to pay attention to other characteristics. Buying accounts “Instagram”, “Facebook”, VK in the store, you need to pay attention to the presence / absence of an avatar, friends and subscribers, the level of fullness of the profile, region and gender. When working with groups, you need to build on the same parameters, and also take into account the topic, because after the purchase it is better not to drastically change the vector of activity, otherwise the page may be banned. In Facebook, there is a concept of trust – it is a credit of trust to a specific profile. Accounts over 3 years old have high trust, less than 2-3 years old – low. This indicator can be increased by linking the profile to a variety of services and applications, showing natural activity. Trust can be negatively affected by:

  • too active sending of spam;
  • likes and reposts bypassing limits;
  • complaints received on the profile;
  • a sharp increase in the advertising budget and the rate of its use. For example, earlier you spent 1500 rubles on advertising. a month, then they began to spend 7000 rubles. in 3 days;
  • changing the password, group subject or profile data (Facebook lowers the trust as part of the fight against account theft).

These are just a few of the reasons that can lead to a downgrade or blocking. Each service, social network or message board has a certain set of limits, rules and algorithms that are aimed at combating unnatural cheating methods, account theft. When working, all this must be taken into account. Game accounts are a separate story, because before buying you need to formulate clear requirements: age, rating, presence / absence of donations, playing time, achievements, type of binding (mail, phone) and others.

Multi-accounting technology: characteristics, areas of use, features of work

Multi-accounting is a modern technology that has revolutionized the world of SMM marketing. In the hands of a skilled technician, new and old accounts become a powerful army of bots used to:

  • advertising campaigns;
  • promotion and promotion of groups, private profiles;
  • voting and competitions;
  • mass subscriptions;
  • viral social media marketing;
  • different types of mailings and other tasks.

For example, using bot accounts, you can increase the number of likes and reposts on a page, which will attract a large number of real users to it. Multi-accounting is suitable for the promotion of any business: construction, freelancing, translations, sales, the beauty industry, web development, gambling and others. It should be remembered that social media teams are very familiar with these methods, therefore they create anti-bots and other tools aimed at combating artificial cheating. Therefore, when creating a network of bot accounts, you need to consider a number of tips that can prevent blocking:

  • strict adherence to limits on likes, reposts and other actions. Limits change every year, so such data must be constantly monitored;
  • work with trusted proxy servers, because profiles registered from the same device and IP are not trusted. It is better to opt for paid solutions, because free proxies do not guarantee a good result;
  • using verified accounts.

For work, automation tools are most often used – these are special programs that will perform targeted actions without control from the user. The most popular programs include:

  • Zengram;
  • SMMplanner;
  • SocialKit;
  • BigLike.

They can be paid or free, the latter have wider functionality, high security and additional service packages. Connecting to such services is associated with time savings, correct prioritization and reasonable distribution of the advertising budget. If you buy social media accounts from our store, you will receive comprehensive support in all matters related to the technology in question.

Earnings on accounts from a computer, smartphone, tablet

Leveling up and registering accounts in online games, social networks, message boards, dating sites, postal and other services is a way that will allow a person of any age to make good money. The fact is that ready-made accounts are needed always and everywhere, so such a product will be in great demand. The account provider must act responsibly in their work by observing the following guidelines:

  • compilation of accurate descriptions for each account: age, characteristics, method of creation, and others. Embellished and false descriptions can lead to a decrease in the supplier’s rating;
  • selling accounts must be fair. You cannot sell one account several times, because this approach is regarded as a fraud. It is also not recommended to engage in mediation;
  • you must use proxy servers and other tools, otherwise the accounts may be blocked.

It is also recommended to properly evaluate the profiles. For example, a VK account without followers, friends and history, created 2 days ago, cannot be sold for a high price. But a profile with a history and a good reputation will be more highly valued in the online market. Accounts can be sold through specialized exchanges, online stores and forums. The latter option is unsafe, because both the seller and the buyer may face certain risks.

What accounts are profitable to promote and create for further resale?

Working in this area, you can make a choice in favor of the following types of profiles:

  • gaming;
  • social networks (profiles, groups);
  • messengers;
  • mobile games;
  • postal services;
  • forums, blogs and sites of coupons, promotional codes;
  • accounts of domestic and foreign online stores;
  • profiles on paid and free classifieds boards;
  • question-and-answer sites;
  • resources on which reviews are created, others.

When selling, you need to choose a good niche. Accounts on social networks, free message boards or dating sites are a good solution for people who want to make money fast. If you are fond of gaming, then you should pay attention to pumping game profiles, which does not require financial investments. However, the level of income will depend on the popularity of the online game, the form of business (boosting services, selling personal accounts, etc.). Games can be browser-based, client-side and mobile, single-player and multiplayer, massive, etc. There are a huge number of genres: shooters, arcades, strategy, adventure, role-playing and others. The more popular the game, the more expensive the upgraded acc will cost. Therefore, accounts “Warface” or Brawl Stars will sell faster than Family Farm or Epic Seven profiles, although you can find a buyer for the latter, but you will have to spend more time.

What accounts can I buy?

Accounts of games , social networks, forums and blogs presented in the store can be bought at a nice price. They are valid, so you can immediately use them to solve the assigned tasks. All accounts have a different purpose (business, profit or personal use). For example, ranked freelance site accounts can help you access high paying orders and tenders. Burger King profiles will give you the opportunity to purchase delicious food at a discounted price, as well as receive high discounts. Let’s take a look at other types of accounts that are popular.

What social media accounts can I buy ?

Social media accounts are the most popular commodity with a wide range of uses:

  • promotion of likes and reposts;
  • distribution of advertising comments and messages;
  • earnings on various types of advertising;
  • earnings on affiliate programs;
  • promotion of profiles, which can then be profitably sold;
  • artificial increase in the number of friends and subscribers in personal accounts, as well as groups;
  • multi-accounting, which is most often used by private agencies operating in the field of SMM or web development.

It is worth noting that the presence of activity on a personal page or in a public group causes a certain level of trust among users, so they better perceive advertising messages, subscribe more actively and take targeted actions (comment, click on a link, downloads, and others). We have a wide selection of male and female accounts:

  • Instagram;
  • “In contact with”;
  • Facebook;
  • “Classmates”;
  • Twitter and others.

Buying ready-made accounts is a significant saving in both time and money. When working with the above types of social networks, you must comply with the established limits on targeted actions, as well as use paid, free or mobile proxy servers. The latter are the most reliable when viewed through the prism of the blocking threat.

Accounts of dating sites, forums, questionnaires, blogs and reviewers

Formation of a favorable company image is an important task that has a direct impact on the success of any commercial project. Therefore, many business owners and marketers in charge of advertising are buying ready-made accounts that have any history, age. This approach allows:

  • engage in viral marketing;
  • organize spam mailing;
  • form a favorable opinion;
  • carry out massive advertising campaigns that are native. In this case, all advertising information is served casually in the form of unobtrusive advice, so comments are easily moderated;
  • attract traffic and customers to the site, increase conversion;
  • receive free advertising and improve the company’s position in search engines. The thing is that comments, as well as reviews, are perfectly indexed.

People who purchase accounts on forums, reviews or dating sites for personal use have the ability to remain anonymous, and also:

  • get arrive for posted reviews;
  • have multiple profiles;
  • quickly join a popular community, for example, “Habrahabr” or Fnet.

The main advantage of such products is that the buyer does not need to spend time on registration, because he can buy a ready-made profile with or without history.

Free classifieds boards

The store has free message board accounts that will interest people working with ads on a daily basis. With the help of ready-made accounts, you can sell and buy without restrictions, work with spam, attract traffic to the site – to solve many problems aimed at increasing profits, popularizing business. Different types of accounts are available:

  • with bonuses;
  • with a positive balance;
  • with history;
  • without history and others.

Our catalog contains accounts for the boards “Avito”, “Yula” and others. With their help, you can save money, as many sites have limits on the number of free ads. This approach will help create an additional channel that can be successfully used for promotion, viral advertising or sales.

Game accounts

In the ames account store, you can choose an account for any game: mobile, browser, client. Buying a promoted game account allows the user to immediately engage in gaming, so he does not spend personal time on pumping or passing the most difficult levels. Today the following games are in the lead:

  • Warframe in the shooter genre;
  • Dota 2 in the MOBA genre;
  • Counter-Strike in the shooter genre;
  • Brawl Stars in the MOBA genre;
  • World of Tanks in the genre of an arcade tank simulator;
  • role-playing game Lineage II;
  • indie sandbox game Minecraft;
  • a computer game Fortnite in the genre of a survival simulator.

In the account store “Tanks Online” , Minecraft, “Warface” you can see different prices, but they are all formed individually, taking into account a number of factors: donations, rating, achievements and others.

Postal services

Accounts in postal services are of high value, because they can be used to:

  • do email marketing;
  • perform viral mailings;
  • pass authorization in applications and websites;
  • work with multi-accounting;
  • register custom accounts on blogs, message boards, etc.

Our catalog contains profiles of “Yandex”, “Google”,, Yahoo and others.

How to buy an account? Information for clients

In our store of social media accounts, you can also buy profiles for mail services, online games, forums and others. The deal is concluded on terms of absolute confidentiality:

  • you, having studied the catalog, select the accounts that are necessary for solving various problems;
  • add profiles to the cart, then be sure to check the selected items;
  • enter your email address, select a payment method. We strongly ask you to check all the entered data, in case of an error when entering, be sure to contact technical support;
  • Select a Payment Method. Our store of Avito accounts , social networks, games accepts payments from bank cards, as well as electronic money, cryptocurrencies and others (the full list is displayed in the product card);
  • make payment in any convenient way. After payment, the ordered accounts will be automatically issued – they will be sent to the mail specified at the time of registration. You will receive a username, password, and information about the date the profile was created.

Please note that there is a cumulative discount system for all clients, which will also be calculated automatically:

  • when buying 2-9 accounts, the discount amount is 2-9%, respectively;
  • when buying 10 accounts – 10%, 15 – 12%, 20 – 15%, over 30 – 20%.

The amount of the order is displayed in the product card, if you have any problems, be sure to contact the online consultant (the form is posted in the lower left corner of the site). We sell accounts that have passed strict verification, we work with honest suppliers, so our clients are protected from various fraudulent schemes!

How to sell an account? Information for suppliers

Not sure where to sell your accounts ? Afraid of unsafe deals? Then join us, because we invite honest and responsible suppliers who want to make a solid profit for cooperation. We work with large wholesale and small retail, putting forward the following requirements to suppliers:

  • a good rating and reputation, as well as a personal passport in the WebMoney system;
  • desire to conduct honest cooperation.

The store accepts only high-quality accounts with a detailed description that must correspond to reality. If you want to sell a large number of accounts, then contact us in any convenient way: online consultant, Skype, e-mail. In the message, place product descriptions and direct links, we will reply to you as soon as possible. If you want to sell one account with or without subscribers , then you need to place an ad on our website, indicating the price and characteristics. You can use our services to conclude secure transactions, the cost of which is 10% of the total order amount. Cooperation with us has a number of advantages:

  • quick search for customers;
  • the ability to sell profiles both wholesale and retail;
  • safe transactions;
  • advice to help you work even more efficiently.

Write to us right now to start mutually beneficial cooperation!

What determines the price of accounts?

Loyal prices are set in the store of accounts of games , social networks and postal services that will not hit the advertising budget. However, prices are formed on an individual basis, they depend on many factors, including:

  • type of account: game, social network, postal service, review site or questionnaire, online store and others;
  • actual date of registration;
  • gender (male / female);
  • presence / absence of a link to a phone number, email or social media profile;
  • additional features and resources, for example, bonuses on the internal account, donations, discounts and others;
  • the number of subscribers, friends, the level of page content, which is especially important for profiles and groups in social networks.

Information about all products is presented in cards, the total order value is calculated automatically as profiles are added to the virtual cart. Please note that a customer making a bulk purchase receives a discount, which can be up to 50% for large orders. Buy more – pay less!

Delivery and payment terms

We are the owner of a personal passport in WebMoney, so you can shop without fear of fraud. We value our reputation and the trust of our customers, therefore we adhere to the principles of honest cooperation. When placing an order in the account store , you yourself will choose a payment method:

  • “Yandex money”;
  • Qiwi;
  • WebMoney: WMR (rubles), WMZ (dollars), WME (euros);
  • Visa or MasterCard;
  • mobile account: MTS, Beeline, MegaFon;
  • payment systems: Interkassa, SpryPay, others;
  • cryptocurrencies and others.

There are many payment methods available, after the transfer of funds, you will immediately receive information about the purchased accounts. Data will be automatically sent to the email that you specified when placing an order. We strongly recommend that you immediately check all purchased profiles, in case of identifying invalid accounts or other problems, you can immediately contact us. If the warranty case is confirmed, then we will either replace the product or refund your money.

Warranties and privacy policy

Our store of cheap accountshelps to make profitable and safe purchases. We have a personal passport in the WebMoney payment system, so clients in case of unforeseen situations can appeal any transaction. However, we are an honest supplier with an impeccable reputation, as evidenced by the feedback and opinions of our regular customers. All types of goods are covered by a guarantee, in case of any comments from the buyer, we immediately check and then replace the purchased profiles. The main requirement, due to which a replacement or refund can be made, is an invalid account, as well as a profile that does not meet the declared characteristics. The login and password that will be sent to e-mail after the conclusion of the transaction is not recommended to be handed over to third parties. Please check the details carefully before making a payment.

Benefits of online store accounts

Customers who purchase accounts with us come back again. Privacy policy, loyal prices, quality assurance are just a small part of our advantages. We check all profiles for validity, trust and other characteristics, so clients receive only the best accounts that can be used to solve any problem.


You can buy accounts in the store for popular social networks, services and different types of games – from mobile to browser. We give a quality guarantee for all types of profiles. If after receiving the order you find that the accounts do not match the description or are not valid, we will promptly make a replacement. However, we carefully check all products, so our customers are 99% satisfied with the quality.

Huge base

In the store you can buy accounts “Samp”, VK, Fortnite and others, which you will use for personal needs or business. The catalog contains thousands of valid profiles, it is structured, so you can find the necessary products in a few seconds. Our store of game accounts , as well as profiles for social networks and other resources, will help you solve problems related to SMM marketing, integrated promotion or e-sports.

Safe transactions

The store contains accounts of mail , social networks, dating sites, popular forums, trading platforms, various types of games. We are the guarantor of safe transactions, so the seller will definitely receive their money, and the buyer will receive accounts that fully correspond to the characteristics displayed in the descriptions.

Business development assistance

Selling accounts is a great solution for a business that will bring high income to a person of any age. For work, you only need a powerful computer, smartphone or laptop, free time, minimum financial investments required for software and promotion, Internet connection. In our store you can not only sell or buy accounts , but also get comprehensive support – from consultations to assistance in choosing software for process automation.

Affordable prices

In the account store of KS, Bravo Stars, Steam, you can make profitable purchases, because the cost of accounts starts at 3 rubles, depending on their age and additional characteristics. During the period of the promotions, the price decreases, so customers have the opportunity to inexpensively buy accounts for their business or leisure.


There are very, very attractive discounts in the account store # 1 . Customers receive a discount when purchasing a second and subsequent accounts, the amount of which depends on the order volume. Please note that the progressive discount rate is 2-20% – this is a great solution for people who purchase profiles in bulk for commercial purposes.


More than 15 payment methods are available on the site, so you can definitely choose the best solution for yourself. The order is issued automatically, so the data (login, password, creation date) will be sent to the client’s mail. Data is sent after receiving 100% prepayment.

Comprehensive support

We provide customers and suppliers with comprehensive assistance aimed at developing their business and simplifying all work processes. We will help you choose the best and inexpensive services for automating promotion, tell you about the features of different game accounts, and provide information about the limits on actions in social networks. You can get answers to any questions now by contacting an online consultant.

Schedule 24/7

Clients from different countries cooperate with us, so we are in touch 24 hours a day. You can buy or sell accounts at any time of the day or night, consultations are also provided around the clock. You can contact a consultant, we also accept complaints, wishes, communicate with clients in groups: Telegram, VKontakte, YouTube.


Large bloggers, popular freelancers, representatives of successful businesses, media people, and marketing agencies are interested in purchasing this group of products. We can guarantee the safety of personal data and a high level of confidentiality to each of our clients.